Specializes in building high-end, but affordable recording studio furniture, technical desks, racks, consoles, workstations, producers desks, acoustical panels, wood diffusers, clouds, speaker stands, etc.

All of our furniture is custom built to fit the needs of our clients and their equipment.

We only use 3/4" plywood for substrate, and real hardwood for trim. WE WILL NEVER USE PARTICLE BOARD!!!



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MAG GC Inc. is the parent company of MAG CSF.

We design and build recording studios, home theaters,

live rooms, vocal booths, acoustical wall panels,

clouds, base traps, and diffusers.

Here is a sample of our work over the past several years.

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Our furniture is built to last.

Standard woods include Maple, Oak, Birch, Mahogany, and Cherry. (Other exotics are available for a nominal fee)

All desks come standard with a durable lacquer finish and can be stained to match existing finishes.

All consoles come standard with padded armrests and keyboard/mouse trays unless otherwise noted.

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